Bollman Technical Education Center


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General Information:

BTEC serves students from the six district high schools, including Horizon High School, Legacy High School, Mountain Range High School, Northglenn High School, Thornton High School and Vantage Point. Students from Academy and Pinnacle Charter schools may also attend.

All BTEC career and technical programs are designed for two years of study. Students attend BTEC classes daily in one- or two-hour block periods. Students enrolled in BTEC classes may still take courses at their home high school.

Many BTEC students also work part-time in an occupation related to their career and technical program. BTEC programs prepare students for entry-level employment or post-secondary education. BTEC continues to develop articulation agreements with local community colleges to provide students with additional educational opportunities.

BTEC offers thirteen programs in career and technical education, which are described in detail under BTEC Programs on BTEC's Home Page:

BTEC Contact Information


9451 North Washington
Thornton, CO 80229

Counselor:  Janet Renden

Phone: 720-972-5834


Registrar:   Kris Wilkens

Phone: 720-972-5827